Being a Camp Edventure Counselor is the BEST Job You’ll Ever Have

If you’re looking for the perfect summer job, check out this list of reasons you should become a Camp Edventure Counselor.


1. Goodbye Shirt and tie! Hello, shorts and -t-shirts. That’s right! Camp requires a relaxed-fit wardrobe.

2. Successfully be a temporary parent for 8-12 weeks. You’ll feel like you can take on the world.

3. Camp is the only place you can get away with wacky costumes. No one will think you’re crazy.

4. You get to teach campers your favorite pool games.

5. And, campers will teach you too. You’ll be the one to tell all your friends what’s cool these days.

6. You will learn how to make just about everything from duct tape and glue.

7. Where else do you get to sing-a-long, chant, and cheer every day?

8. “Trying new things” doesn’t mean trying to make a color copy on the printer.

9. Your colleagues will greet you with high fives.

10. Calling all lifeguards! Being on duty doesn’t fill you with dread because you get to work on your tan.


If you’re interested in becoming a Camp Edventure counselor, click here.

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