Splish Splash…and Staying Safe!

Summer time means….the POOL! With pool time comes great responsibility. Read up on some reminders and tips to staying safe this summer!

  • Make sure the diving-pool exceeds 8 feet

Anything shallower and there’s the chance that someone will hit his or her head on the bottom of the pool. The warning is a tale as old as time but remains just as important.

  • Have a phone nearby

You may either be scoffing at this point for one of two thoughts One thought being ‘why would I have my phone on me if I’m spending my day surrounded by water?!’ and the other one being ‘who else is going to take the candid pool shots?!’ Either way, it’s an important point to bring up. If something were to happen in the pool and an ambulance is required etc., it’s better to have the mode of communication by your side.

  • Don’t leave teenagers in charge

Sure – it’s an easy fix to having the day to yourself while making sure the little ones have a good time, but is this fix worth the numerous possibilities of what could go wrong? Teenagers may have the best intentions but they most likely have no idea what to do in a bad situation.

  • Rinsing out and letting kiddie pools sit in sun!

Waterborne illnesses lurk in more places than just the public pool. Your own kiddie pool may contain harmful bacteria. To keep everyone safe, make sure to dump out the water and let the empty pool sit in the hot sun for a couple hours before refilling and continuing the fun.